31 January 2011

"i wasn't really intending anything specifically other than to create a mood that reflected a particular mental state that had been recurring within myself and within my studies of buddhism. i mentioned in a previous question that i feel these images carry a sense of rebirth, or movement between transient states. transience is something that is at the root of the human condition. everything is ephemeral, nothing is permanent. while this idea is present in buddhism, it is innate in the nature of our very lives. we are all born, we all transition through various states of being, growth, decline, happiness, sadness, and we all will die. whatever one's beliefs, whether one believes that is where life ends or the cycle continues, everyone can agree that we go through different states of existence. i believe these images depict visually the concept of transience. the figures seem to be frozen, but moving in a sense that we can't really understand on a cognitive level, yet we fully comprehend on an innate spiritual level."

/ found this in an old interview i did with someone regarding my underwater series. the interviewer had asked me what i intended with the 'blurred effect' (her words). i think this quote sums up what i intended for the work quite better than i can usually manage to explain.