28 September 2009

// jes, november 2008

26 September 2009

/ found another of dayy naa na
see it in context here!

25 September 2009

kill hannah/ webster hall september 23
check out their music here! (shot for paper mag)

21 September 2009

man oh man/ by guy archard

caleb// 2008

20 September 2009

nostalgia! circa 2007
skipping class to wander downtown and explore
/ photography is sacred.

19 September 2009

but sometimes you have to moan when nothing seems to suit ya
but nevertheless you know youre locked towards the future

so on and on you go, the seconds tick the time out
theres so much left to know, and Im on the road to find out

then I found my head one day when I wasnt even trying
and here I have to say, cause there is no use in lying, lying

yes the answer lies within, so why not take a look now?
kick out the devils sin, pick up, pick up a good book now

// on the road to find out, cat stevens

(i can feel the shadow of something big coming)

// from a shoot with my little sister lauren back in july
i miss this.

18 September 2009

the real world really clashes with my world, next please

17 September 2009

paris je'taime (
peut-ĂȘtre)/gaspard ulliel je'taime beaucoup
how happy is the little stone
that rambles in the road alone,
and doesn't care about careers
and exigencies never fears -
whose coat of elemental brown
a passing universe put on,
and independent as the sun
associates or glows alone,
fulfilling absolute decree
in casual simplicity -

// emily dickinson, 1881

15 September 2009

meg/ 4 july 2009

working on chronicling (strange word) my past work & meditating a lot lately. im finding it increasingly important to stop and be silent for various reasons, mainly so that i remember who i am and what i am working towards out here. its easy to lose yourself in this city.

14 September 2009

went to a hellen van meene lecture tonight, shes really great.
last night i had one of the most amazing dreams of my life. it was really tactile and visual and delicate. and i was married to john lennon and it felt really real. really real, and really really beautiful. oh man.

13 September 2009

the air is a threadbare whisper/ fall 2008

from cross country road trip/ summer 2008
i believe it was near california

hands/ harold & maude
// i seriously love absolutely everything about this film.

//website updated a bit

11 September 2009

i froze some time today.

damn this is good.

10 September 2009

fashion strong/fashion week

09 September 2009

so close/ so close ! to update completion
til then here are some pictures from the web that speak beautiful languages

08 September 2009

do you know how beautiful you are?
do you know how beautiful you are?
do you know how beautiful you are?
do you know that everything is beautiful?
do you know my other name for you is everything?

07 September 2009

06 September 2009

harold & maude/ 1971

04 September 2009

jessie+jamie, july 2009

//way over my head in editing, but having the opportunity to relive moments such as these from my summer work makes it all worthwhile.
dillon as a duane hanson sculpture

golden eye with martin + will

//frozen time in new york, wednesday+thursday sept 2 and 3 2009

03 September 2009

images from my 'underwater/rebirth' series were featured in issue II of sokozine. check it out online here.

02 September 2009

oh my god. this temporarily cut off my oxygen supply.