23 February 2011

/ aj chavar, talented photographer and friend 17 february 2011 manhattan ny
'i was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.'

/ edgar allan poe

22 February 2011

/ passage from the dedication page of the beautiful handmade book entitled 'moods and moments' by yovan radenkovitch, 1938 that i bought in brooklyn heights this weekend

21 February 2011

/ coffee with phil, friend and talented filmmaker manhattan ny 17 february 2011

19 February 2011

/ my beautiful little sister lauren, brooklyn ny 18 february 2011

18 February 2011

/ this morning in my room, brooklyn
i have been blessed to have an especially beautiful past couple of days with friends and family. my mother, father, and younger brother and sister came by for a visit this morning. we surprised my mother with flowers and enjoyed almond croissants from a wonderful french bakery down the road

/ wednesday collage, late night
'by boat to seurasaari where
the small fish were called vandace.
a man blew a horn of birchwood
toward the nightless sea.

still voice. fire that is no fire.
ahead years unknown to be lived --

bell from the tower in the all-at-once, then
one by one, hours. outside
(so fleetingly) ourselves --

in a still mirror, in a blue within
where this earthly journey dreaming
itself begins,

thought into being from the hidden to the end of the visible.'

/ excerpt from the poem 'travel papers' by carolyn forche

16 February 2011

/ paradise, december 2010 brooklyn ny

15 February 2011

/ subway family, minutes before midnight on 14 february 2011 manhattan ny
'i shut my eyes in order to see'

/ paul gauguin: french painter, printmaker, & sculptor, 1848-1903

14 February 2011

azumi and the antennas to heaven, 17 january 2011 stratford ct

/ made some adjustments to the portraiture section of my website!
(photograph above is my beautiful little sister lauren, july 2009 webster ny)

13 February 2011

'according to buddhist theory, one's physical eyes may be opened, yet they perceive only darkness, while with eyes closed, when one is engaged in meditation, perfect spiritual insight is possible. to hindus, the visible world is an illusion (maya) which can be overcome by meditation upon the supreme. the hightst aim of the religious devotee, or yogin, is to "see" with his spiritual eyes the eternal essence with which he tries to identify (samadhi). 'the seer sees not death, nor sickness, nor any distress. the seer sees only the All, obtains the All entirely.''

/ quote from the chapter "the eye of god" from the book The Eclipse of Symbolism by Peter Fingesten, 1970 - a brilliant & fascinating book.

/ just learned this song was recorded 4 days before otis redding died in a plane crash..wow

/ shhh... don't speak it will be okay, brooklyn ny november 2010

/ my grandfather dziadzi at home after knee replacement surgery, august 2010 irondequoit ny

12 February 2011

'wanting nothing
with all your heart
stop the stream.

when the world dissolves
everything becomes clear.

go beyond
this way or that way
to the farther shore
where the world dissolves
and everything becomes clear.

beyond this shore
and the farther shore,
beyond the beyond,
where there is no beginning,
no end.

without fear, go.

live purely.
be quiet.
do your work, with mastery.'

/ excerpt from 'the true master' out of the dhammapada

11 February 2011

/ new iconoclast, jesus framed!
"when the humming birds quivered in the flower's trumpet; when the vast slab-footed elephants squelched through the mud; when the animal-eyed savage pushed off from the reeds in his canoe; when the persian woman picked a louse from the hair of the child; when the zebras galloped across the horizon in wild arabesques of mating; when the blue-black hollow of the sky resounded with the tap tap tap of the vulture's beak on skeleton that had a little flesh and only a half tail: - monsieur and madame louvois neither saw nor heard."

/ excerpt from "waiting for dejeuner" a short (& brilliant) story by virginia woolf

10 February 2011

/ azumi and the sound, 17 january 2011 stratford ct

'on a short trip to the world of the dead
by train right after Catania you cross
the sea mountains capped with fresh snow
as you ride the edge of small glaciers
the underground station is exposed to the sky
a ribcage of steel supports the dome
they come pick us up behind our backs (she's there)
we thing "it's summer, in Sicily, and all this snow!"
but the water's warm we swim happily
i hear it's a place where people come to grow old
stretch out on a cliff where i keep still
look down at clear seabeds
thinking: "we'll have to go swimming there too or
push on to where it's hot towards Turkey in our rubber
rafts piercing Turner's glowing fogscreens..."
a maker of symbols, i'm all out of stories
and can't explain why, can only tell you
of a trip to the world of the dead.'

/ sept. 30, 1976 by antonio porta from the book 'kisses from another dream'

/ in spirit, a new video added to whatsthatinthesky.com - watch it here

becoming eden, august 2010 brooklyn ny

/ spectroheliograph
an astronomy instrument used to capture a photographic image of the sun using a prism and monochromator, developed by george ellery hale in 1890. beautiful genius

time -
in doorway
hale, ex,
hale. pulling -
great plumes of purified air.

pushing -
great flocks of
sheepless herds.
scattered -
over, but,
the great distances.

enveloping -
clear light,
sacred vision.
candle that isn't roman
but will fall anyway -

first son
of the father,
tower of matches -
matched with no
one, but,
the great father -

/ 13 january 2011

08 February 2011

/ birds fly like missiles, 23 january 2011 chinatown ny


/ new work, part of a 2 minute sketch series, january 22 brooklyn
'i've put in so many enigmas and
puzzles that it will keep the professors
busy for centuries arguing over what
i meant, and that's the only way of
insuring one's immortality.'

/ james joyce, found in the beginning of the book 'ulysses annotated'

07 February 2011

/ azumi, screenshots january 2011 stratford ct

/ my friend
andrew burton, photographer - january 2011 manhattan ny

/ i will always live in this song

/ coney island new york june 2010

04 February 2011

/ virginia
"desiring truth, awaiting it, laboriously distilling a few words, for ever desiring - (a cry starts to the left, another to the right. wheels strike divergently. omnibuses conglomerate in conflict) - for ever desiring - (the clock asseverates with twelve distinct strokes that it is midday; light sheds gold scales; children swarm) - for ever desiring truth. red is the dome; coins hang on the trees; smoke trails from the chimneys; bark, shout, cry 'iron for sale' - and truth?"

/ excerpt from 'monday or tuesday' by virginia woolf

03 February 2011

EMPTY KINGDOM TOP 100 Artists of 2010
/ thanks to everyone at empty kingdom for including me in their top 100 artists list 2010, really appreciate it and feel very honored!
'nothing has really happened until it has been recorded'

/ virginia woolf

/ please pray for my friend andrew, he is in egypt covering the protests as a photojournalist and was recently attacked in the field. the photos above are the last ones he took on the day he was attacked, read his account here or on npr.

it's stuff like this that makes you realize the value of your life and makes petty matters of day to day existence seem trivial at best. let's all try to be better people, i know i will.

02 February 2011

/mermaid parade, coney island ny june 2010
finally working on my edit from the mermaid parade last summer at coney island - these kids are amazing! will post the rest on my website when it's finished