10 February 2011

'on a short trip to the world of the dead
by train right after Catania you cross
the sea mountains capped with fresh snow
as you ride the edge of small glaciers
the underground station is exposed to the sky
a ribcage of steel supports the dome
they come pick us up behind our backs (she's there)
we thing "it's summer, in Sicily, and all this snow!"
but the water's warm we swim happily
i hear it's a place where people come to grow old
stretch out on a cliff where i keep still
look down at clear seabeds
thinking: "we'll have to go swimming there too or
push on to where it's hot towards Turkey in our rubber
rafts piercing Turner's glowing fogscreens..."
a maker of symbols, i'm all out of stories
and can't explain why, can only tell you
of a trip to the world of the dead.'

/ sept. 30, 1976 by antonio porta from the book 'kisses from another dream'