28 April 2012

/ ling, february 2009 syracuse ny

17 April 2012

/ lots of my work went up on the gallery stock website today!

15 April 2012

/ still from 'vivre sa vie' of a frame from 'the passion of joan of arc'

06 April 2012

an old woman passes me carefully.
all my grandmothers live alone
contentedly. they miss their men,
but not in bed, not in the kitchen,
not deep in their work. if i outlive you
will i want nothing? winter always provides
a next thing to do: hurry home.
get warm. i turn my hands in steam
from the coffee. the perfect cold
without snow has undone a layer
of good farmland. how can we breathe
this air made visible by rising dust?

/ 'learning the elements' from the book salt air by sharon bryan

02 April 2012