30 June 2010

/ me, taken by zk in brooklyn ny june 2010
"heartrending, each termination;
god-shaken, each beginning.
at the dawn of smoke,
pungent as creation,
the long chaos rises over these trees.
for we opened our eyes in eden,
with the taste of fruit on our lips."

/ excerpt from 'have you eaten of the tree?' by paul hoover

29 June 2010

/ my parents, april 2010 webster ny
on the way to my grandparents house

/ to love endlessly, october 2009 brooklyn ny

27 June 2010

Suspending disbelief » Honolulu Weekly

my very dear friend, mitchell kuga, is a brilliant writer currently working for honolulu weekly. check out this beautifully written cover story he did for them recently.

z + i saw luca guadagnino's 'i am love' starring tilda swinton this friday in ny. the movie was shot absolutely beautifully and tilda was great but the story line could have been a bit better. we both walked home barefoot through brooklyn because our shoes were killing us.

25 June 2010

um... at halfway through this may be the most beautiful sound ever.

24 June 2010

/ updated iconoclast

/ sam bassett, sacred geometry

22 June 2010

/ the seventh seal, ingmar bergman 1957
this guy's a genius. i'm currently reading 'four screenplays of ingmar bergman' and i sat mesmerized as i read his introduction where he discusses filmmaking. its incredibly moving and rings very true to my own sense of why i love photography so much.

19 June 2010

/ photographs from the mermaid parade, june 19 coney island
i feel my maternal instincts creeping in more & more these days

18 June 2010

'building my work, i built my self.'

/ valery

17 June 2010

/ photograph by gisli z. grade 5 from reykjavik iceland, thecameraproject.com
currently working to expand the camera project!

15 June 2010

/ went home to rochester w/ z this past weekend to visit family
its nice now to have suburbs as a relaxing escape and not an everyday constant.
webster, ny june 2010

"i dreamed that we were together in some old-fashioned room. i read at the table. on the other side, j. lay on a wide bed, also reading in his favorite position. through a window directly across from him, the light of the rising sun fell on his body. i buttoned up some kind of white bathrobe and ran to kiss him.

-- i greet you with the rising sun! i called out. we never speak like that in life.

in dreams artificial, literary formulas sometimes turn up.

it seems that the dead always appear in our dreams just before we wake. in this way they remain somehow half real.

in my dreams his body is always phosphorescent blue."

/ excerpt from the journal of poet anna kamienska

09 June 2010

/ delicate as love
old/new photographs to suit the dew-coated grey morning

stasis in darkness.
then the substanceless blue
pour of tor and distances.

god's lioness,
how one we grow,
pivot of heels and knees!--The furrow

splits and passes, sister to
the brown arc
of the neck I cannot catch,

berries cast dark

black sweet blood mouthfuls,
something else

hauls me through air----
thighs, hair;
flakes from my heels.

godiva, I unpeel----
dead hands, dead stringencies.

and now I
foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.
the child's cry

melts in the wall.
and I
am the arrow,

the dew that flies,
suicidal, at one with the drive
into the red

eye, the cauldron of morning.

/ ariel by sylvia plath

04 June 2010

/new iconoclast
meeker ave flea market, brooklyn 29 may

/anything you could ever need
brooklyn ny, 29 may 2010

02 June 2010

"I devoted my interest to the church’s mysterious world of low arches, thick walls, the smell of eternity, the colored sunlight quivering above the strangest vegetation of medieval paintings and carved figures on ceilings and walls. There was everything that one’s imagination could desire — angels, saints, dragons, prophets, devils, humans."

/ an excerpt from laterna magica, the autobiography of ingmar bergman