30 April 2010

29 April 2010

/ caravaggio's 'deposition from the cross'
'an extra-terrestrial philosopher, who had watched a single youth up to the age of twenty-one and had never come across any other human being, might conclude that it is the nature of human beings to grow continually taller and wiser in an indefinite progress towards perfection; and this generalisation would be just as well founded as the generalisation which evolutionists base upon the previous history of this planet'

/ 'on the scientific method in philosophy' from 'mysticism and logic' by bertrand russell


speaking loudly doesn't guarantee a listener
april 24/ webster ny

24 April 2010

welcome homeeee
hilarious video moments after my thurs 4/22 landing
little sister and brother/ webster ny

13 April 2010

05 April 2010

dear friends, 

no indeed i am not dead, in fact, quite the opposite. i do thank you for your concern.


/alex, march 2010 new york ny