08 January 2009

i decided to do some research on my zodiac sign. as i was born on october 6, i am a libra. i must say, in the past ive always been a bit skeptical of these types of things, but in the past months and years i have been trying to keep an open mind.

primarily, the history of astrology in itself is really fascinating. the idea of astrology can be traced back to the 4th century bc in the middle east and europe. throughout history it seems a majority of civilizations invested some time into the ideas of astrology, places among them including india, east asia, china, mesoamerica and the us. i read this whole thing about the history of astrology online and found two astrologers who i would like to research further - french astrologist notradamus and us astrologist evangeline adams.

okay back to libra, as i was reading through the descriptions and attributes of a libra i found myself fitting into most of them fairly accurately. example, likes were listed as feeling balanced, harmony and peace, beauty, justice and companionship. i also found that libra is linked with the countries of tibet, china, and japan - countries that are almost predominantly buddhist. i need to spend some time really reading indepth about these things.