23 September 2010

i was standing with my sister over the patch of grave
and we were speaking about some very important things.
the boy is doing better at school. the youngest already chatters.
if you aren't mean to people, they'll be good to you.

the apartment's freshly painted. we bought a table, chairs.
a neighbor stops by sometimes, and says, 'your place looks nice.'
the plant that mother liked so much is in bloom.
i wanted to bring flowers but was afraid they'd wilt.

the air, tree, stone and earth all listen as we talk
and only the one for whom we bring this news can't hear.
but perhaps she stands behind us and smiles at life's affairs
and whispers, 'i know, my darlings. no need to tell me any more.'

/i was standing by anna kamienska, from the book goodbye to mother, 1959