03 March 2010

'things are not always what they seem, is a truism that scarcely needs to be repeated; and yet doubtless many intelligent individuals go through life without being more than dimly aware that they are living in two worlds at the same time, the actual physical world outside of them which to a large extent is wholly independent of their existence and an inner world of consciousness which each of us makes for himself and which is vastly different from reality, as natural philosophy insistently tells us and as our own intuition constantly leads us to suspect and perhaps more or less vaguely to apprehend. all the direct information we get concerning the external physical world comes to us through our organs of sense which, besides being limited in number, are susceptible only to certain special kinds of stimulation and are not always very keen.'

// from chapter I of the book 'introduction to physiological optics' when i read this i was immediately surprised that a physics book about optics was so philosophical and even spiritual in a way, really interesting.