25 December 2009

christmas has always been my favorite holiday. theres something mystical about being surrounded by the warmth of family when the other side of the window hosts a snowstorm or blizzard. this year has been a beautiful year, a year of many changes. i am so thankful for everything that has happened and so blessed to be surrounded by such caring and compassionate people. as i get older, i find it increasingly important to step back and reflect on everything thats going on because its so easy to become blinded by the habits and routine that we seem to  fall into. traveling always helps me remember. as i sit here at home in rochester right now i reflect on my life in new york city and i am moved close to tears. i am so abundantly thankful for everything - people ive met, love, places, things, sights, sounds, art, words, images - everything. i love, i love and i am so thankful.