27 December 2008

edna st. vincent millay

i was in a coffeeshop today eating lunch when a woman came up to me and asked me what i was reading. i told her poetry and she asked the author. charles bukowski, do you know his work? / hes a recent poet right? / yeah, he passed in 1994 though. / yeah, i think ive heard of him. i continued eating my lunch and reading but before she left she came up to me very ominously and said, 'enjoy your poetry, edna st. vincent millay thats who im going to go read. i like the classics, ya know' then she smiled and winked and disappeared through the doors of the restaurant. i take these encounters as small signs, small pieces of something that is building to a bigger whole. when i got home i researched millays life and have found that i really relate to her experiences and thoroughly appreciate a lot of her work.